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Traditional Teardrop Rosettes

The "teardrop" is a 1-1/2" extension of the bottom of a rosette block that is detailed with our traditional profile.  An "eyebrow" is a 1" extension of the top of a Teardrop rosette block, with a radiused groove and either a radius or square top edge.  Any of our bullseye and most of our designer rosette patterns may be used.  The cost of converting your typical square block is indicated below, in a paintable hardwood, unprimed.


May also be available in:

Oak - Cherry - Maple - Ash - Alder - others

Please call or e-mail for quote.

Teardrop rosette blocks are also available with an "eyebrow" extension as pictured on the right.  Our BR302 rosette pattern shown on a 4-1/2" block, but any of our bullseye patterns as well as most of our designer patterns are applicable.  See our Contemporary Bullseye or Designer rosette pages for available patterns and base pricing.

Below are shown the two types of "eyebrow" extension, square top on the left and the radius top on the right, standard stretched teardrop in center.

We introduced the Stretched Teardrop rosette block for use with our Arched Pediments for the times when a narrower casing is being used and a square block wouldn't work.  Our B16 oval rosette pattern is shown above as it fills the entire area of the rectangle, but you can also select any of our bullseye patterns as well as most of our other Designer rosette patterns.

For the cost of the standard Teardrop rosette, multiply the price shown for the appropriate width of your Contemporary Bullseye or Designer rosette block x.40 and add that number to the price of that block.  For example, to convert a 3-1/2" square rosette block into a standard Teardrop would cost an additional $1.40, a 5" would add $2.00, and so on.  The cost of adding an eyebrow extension would be half of that.  Please call or email for quote.