Custom mouldings made to YOUR specifications!


Keystones are a nice compliment to doorways and windows, and are available with or without a rosette pattern milled into them.  Most of our designer patterns and all of our bullseyes can be cut, as well as any of our edge details.  The default edge is shown in the  image below.

For pricing add 40 cents per block inch to the cost of whichever rosette block you desire, in the appropriate size.  In other words, for a 2-1/2" keystone add $1.00, for a 4" keystone add $1.60, etc, to the cost of that rosette block.  Pricing is for a paint grade poplar material, others may vary.  

If you don't want any rosette design in your keystone use our "Nude" rosettes from the "Designer Series" page for the base price and then add the appropriate amount.  Feel free to call or email for a quote.

Any of our optional edge details are available on keystones.