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Imperial Teardrop Rosettes

After we introduced the Imperial plinth block we knew we had to come up with a rosette design to complimant it.  The Imperial "teardrop" profile is 2-3/8" tall and 5/16" deep.  The "eyebrow" profile is 1-11/16" in height.  Our BR302 rosette pattern shown on a 5" block below, but any of our bullseye patterns as well as most of our designer patterns are applicable.

As mentioned above, we can cut most of our Designer rosette patterns as well.  Shown below left is our Fullbloom design without the pistil. 


On the right is the same pattern, but cut as an oval in order to fill the field of our "stretched" teardrop rosette.  The stretched teardrop works great for those times when a wider casing is being used at the head than on the side jambs, as well as with our Arched Pediments.

All of this is very new and we are currently working on pricing.  If you are interested in these products, please email or call and we will be happy to quote a price based on your casing and baseboard details.