Custom mouldings made to YOUR specifications!

Floating Shelves

Go from this:

To this:

And, eventually this:

In a matter of minutes.

With the strength to hold most anything:

Whether you just want to have a place to set a plant, or an entire custom wall, we can make it happen.  Our custom shelf standards are made from 1/4"x1-1/4" thick steel flat for superior strength, and tapped for two 3/8" threaded steel rods that are secured by jam nuts.  With no welds to break you can be assured that your prized posessions will stay in place.


We can make shelves in nearly any length and depth, in a wide variety of material species.  Our shelves are 1-3/4" thick SOLID hardwoods with a 3/16" radius edge, top and bottom, as standard.  Alternate edge profiles are available.  We can also radius the two outside corners if you desire.

The devil is in the details, as they say.

The wall brackets are drilled for the included #10x2" wood screws at 1 inch intervals to offer maximum flexibility in positioning.  Three screws and two wall anchors are provided with each shelf.  The holes are drilled at a 60/40 positioning vertically to provide additional leverage.

The holes for the shelf standards are bored slightly oversized the first few inches to make it easy to slide the shelf on, and then reduced at the end to thread diameter which effectively "locks" the shelf in place.  There is no need for any unsightly set screws or adhesives.


The channel in the back of the shelf is cut approximately 1/8" deeper than is required for the hardware in order to provide material for fitting the shelf to an uneven wall or crooked stud.

Pricing below for red oak, others by quote, will pro-rate for 'tweeners.

 Shelf Length

 5" Depth 

 6" Depth 

 7" Depth 

 8" Depth
        12"    $35.42    $37.38    $39.33


        18"    $43.13    $45.99    $48.85    $51.71
        24"    $52.48    $56.25    $60.01    $63.76
        30"    $61.85    $66.51    $71.16    $75.83
        36"    $71.21    $76.77    $82.33    $87.89
        42"    $80.56    $87.03    $93.49    $99.94

May also be available in:

Walnut - Cherry - Maple - Ash - Alder - Mahogany - Others

Please call or e-mail for quote.