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Colossus Plinth Block

What better name for a plinth block with a massive 3-3/8"x3/8" profile.  If you have big trim, you may want to consider big accents.  Over the years, we have had inquiries by people restoring centuries old structures looking for plinth blocks similar to this.  Well we have finally obtained the tooling to accommodate.  This is very new so we are working on pricing and sizing.

The plinth block above measures 5-1/2"x10" in size, but these can be cut to whatever width you want.  The 10" height will be standard, others may be available by special order.

Below you can see our Traditional plinth next to Colossus to get an idea of the size of the profile.  The Traditional profile is 1-1/2" tall.

If you are interested in this product, please call or email and we will get you a quote while we work on overall pricing and sizing options.