Teardrop Rosettes

The "teardrop" is a substension on a standard rosette block, available in a couple of different formats, Traditional and Classical.  Each has its own appeal, but either will take your decor to the next level.  Our 215 rosette is displayed, but any of our bullseye and most of our designer patterns are applicable.  The cost of turning a square block into a "teardrop" is $0.40 per block inch*, in paint grade, to be added to the price of your Designer or Contemporary Bullseye rosette selection.


May also be available in:

MDF - Oak - Cherry - Maple - Ash - Alder - others

Please call or e-mail for quote.

Traditional                                           Classical

*For price, multiply the width of any square rosette block x.40 and add that number to the price of that block.  For example, to make a 3-1/2" square rosette block into a Teardrop block it would cost an additional $1.40, a 5" would add $2.00, etc.  Please call or email for quote.